Close to 1,500 students have graduated high school from Grinnell schools to date. It seems to be a common belief that bigger is better when it comes to many aspects of our lives.

The information contained in the school directory would seem to contradict this common belief.

Bigger towns and cities are better than smaller ones. Bigger companies are better than smaller ones.Bigger farms and ranches are better than smaller ones. Bigger schools are better than smaller ones.

Larger schools might be more cost efficient and offer a larger variety of options for students, but smaller schools are able to provide more individual attention.

The graduates from the Grinnell schools have accomplished as many things as any other school. There have been doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, sports all Americans, and a variety of other occupations represented by Grinnell graduates. Graduates from Grinnell seem to have morals and work ethics that make them attractive employees for many businesses.

The final pages of the directory have an alphabetical listing of graduates and their year of graduation that is helpful in searching for individual names.