Family Profiles Introduction

Two family profiles have been compiled for two churches in the area. These are an additional resource for those interested in finding relatives or ancestors, or for those interested in learning more about the history of the communities.

United Methodist Church

Catholic Churches

Grinnell Church History

Angelus Church History

Grinnell Family Profiles

Angelus Family Profiles

Family Genealogies

The Robben Family biography and genealogy by William Baier is a great example of the impact of immigrant pioneer families who homesteaded and settled the great plains of this country. The descendants of these four brothers are now found in many communities in western Kansas and around this country.

In particular the communities of Angelus and Grinnell have seen a great impact.

For example, the first descendants of these brothers appeared to have graduated from Grinnell High School in 1946. In the years since, descendants of the Robben brothers have been part of most graduating classes.

Also included is a directory of some of the names in the genealogy. The top portion of the directory list the immediate descendants of the brothers in birth order along with the names of any spouses and the page numbers where the names are located. The rest of the directory is a listing of the next generation of descendants listed in alphabetical order.

This listing includes the family name of the original brother and the first name of the next generation that these names belong to.

Again, the page numbers where these names are listed are included. A great free website for those interested in further information about ancestry is